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The Fauna of the Baviaanskloof

The Baviaanskloof is an area of natural abundance, which only contributes further to its somewhat-mysterious beauty and appeal. Situated deep within the province of the Eastern Cape, the Baviaanskloof boasts a floral diversity all its own. Naturally, this provides the ideal habitat for an impressive array of animal species, which range from reptiles and insects to mammalian predators and beautiful birds.

A massive 23 of the 56 reptile species in the Baviaanskloof are endemic to this country, with three species being found only in this specific region. There are also several amphibian and fish species to be found here. The tent tortoise can be found here and is endemic to the Cape region. There are also terrapins and leopard tortoises in the Baviaanskloof. Four of the 24 identified snake species here are endemic to this country. The Cape cobra and the puff adder present the most danger to campers, hikers and walkers, but are shy and prefer to be left alone. Continue Reading